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Define, validate and use
your building information

bimspot is an intuitive web-based open BIM platform that will help you improve the quality of your IFC models, thus saving time and money for your project.

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Achieve your goals with bimspot

Improve the quality of your models and meet your project’s requirements and objectives more easily.

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1. Define your building information requirements

Define the information requirements of your project and upload them to bimspot to make them accessible to everybody involved in the project.

All of your project’s information will be available on the cloud and easily accessible from every device.

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2. Validate the quality of your models

Check the Requirements Fulfilment of your IFC files on each upload. Focus your attention on where the information is wrong or missing to improve the overall quality of your models.

Aim to perfection by running model checks against default or customised rulesets to detect whether there is a mistake to be corrected.

Read about Model Checks

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3. Use accurate building information

Once all building information is verified and available on bimspot, you can visualize your buildings on our online IFC viewer, dig deeper into your data via an intuitive filter or set KPIs to keep an eye on the progress of your project.

Transfer this data to any other BIM tool in use within your project and integrate bimspot into your existing workflow thanks to an open API.

Learn how to manage KPIs

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