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bimspot is an intuitive web-based open BIM platform to require, validate, and use building information, thus saving time and money in building projects.

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Explore the possibilities of
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Are you familiar with “delay in the delivery” or “waste of materials and money”?

Building information is often inaccessible, of bad quality and
its validation might be complicated or not completely accurate.

In order to enable valid and data-driven project decisions,
clear information structures of the highest quality are required.



How to benefit by using bimspot

bimspot offers you the tool to require, validate, and use building information
to meet your projects’ requirements and objectives more easily.

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1. Access all building information in one place

Building information are not always available and most of the time they come in different formats and via different sources.

bimspot offers you and your team one tool to gather all IFC models in one place and easily access the needed information.

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2. Increase quality where needed the most

Building information is only valuable if it is of high quality and coherent in the project context, which translates often into manual work or extra effort if not done properly.

bimspot’s quality management ensures this in a highly adaptive and automated quality check of IFC models.

Read about Model Checks

bimspot align with other team members

3. Keep your team aligned with the latest information

In interdisciplinary project teams, the constant exchange of correct information is essential, and it may not be as easy as you wish.

bimspot offers each project participant easy access to the latest data independent of BIM experience and know-how.

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4. Use your building information to make sustainable decisions

High-quality BIM information is only valuable if you can actually use it. Data, though not always there when needed, is hard to get on time or in a readable and usable format.

bimspot makes all of this easier and gives you the right tools to get the right insights from your BIM data, regardless of your BIM knowledge.

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