How BIM Managers
benefit from bimspot

As a BIM Manager, your BIM models are the unique and
trustful source of information within your project.

Automated model checks help you easily reaching your goals.
Improve the collaboration with the team for a common project understanding.
bimspot platform on devices


Automate Model Checks.
Focus On More Important Issues.

Keep it up with BIM!

Working with BIM can mean spending a lot of time collecting and checking data.
Sometimes, it is even hard to make decisions because
you are missing the context or the project’s requirements.

Start doing things differently now!

Start using bimspot and switch from file-based BIM processes to automated ones.
Requirements are then set upfront at the start of the project so that
every team member knows exactly how and what to deliver.

By getting rid of repetitive manual checks, you can focus on the real issues and
make sure the whole team has access to valid and reliable BIM data.



Automate repetitive tasks.
Access your BIM Data easily.

Improving BIM Processes within your project will contribute in many ways
to its success, and everybody involved will benefit from it.
But let’s start with you and how you can benefit from using bimspot.

Illustration of a building and its requirements

Get a common project understanding

You don’t need to spend lots of time anymore collecting and checking the data of the models and wonder about the project’s requirements.

bimspot allows you and your team to define the project’s goals with clear and easily accessible requirements for all the stakeholders.

A common project understanding is the starting point for a successful project.

Illustration with building and metrics of quality

Automate model quality checks

How much time do you spend on a daily or weekly basis on model quality checks? We both agree that model checks are complex and time-consuming if executed manually.

Use bimspot to automate these repetitive checks and reach the best quality according to the project’s goals. Once it gets smoother, you can then focus on the real issues in the project and increase its quality.

Learn more about Model Checks

Illustration of all data in one single tool

Use BIM Data as your source of information

BIM Data is currently inaccessible to all project participants due to its complexity. Aim to make your data easy to understand and use for all stakeholders, regardless of their BIM experience.

bimspot is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool for you and the whole team, allowing everybody to work with valuable information.

Learn how to filter building information

Start now with automated model checks

Book a demo with our team to discover how bimspot works and how to achieve your goals in a few easy steps.
Start automating complicated processes such as model checks.

Book A Demo

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