How BIM Planner
benefits from bimspot

For a BIM Planner good coordination within the team is key.
Take this to the next level by adding high-quality
BIM models received on time
as well as effective communication with the client.

bimspot platform on 2 device's screens for BIM Planners


Better alignment for
outstanding model quality

Tired of vague communication and disjointed project understandings?
All stakeholders speak different languages; however, all of you,
work to accomplish the same goal and project objectives.

Further, the workflow can involve lots of misunderstandings, back and forths and subsequent delays. Let’s agree that coordination is costly and time-consuming. 

bimspot provides you with the right tools to improve communication and collaboration, with both your client and the planning team. As a result, all of you will speak a common language: your own BIM data.



Don’t waste time on outdated information

Share your models on bimspot and all your co-workers will be able to extract the information that is important to them.

Use bimspot as a single source of truth and get notified when new information is available.

Make it easy for everyone to get everything they need to turn information into action faster.

Illustration of all data in one single tool

Establish effective coordination 

Integrating all other plans and coordinating with team members can take long. At the same time, the delivery of IFC models can undergo some delays and their quality might not always be up to standards. 

Stop wasting time waiting for updates!

Now, you can easily access all the information you need on bimspot and get notified about new changes. This will allow you to always have an updated overview of your project.

align communication with the team

Improve communication with your client

Currently, communication with the project managers or developers is not easy. Your focus might be different even if your interests are the same. 

bimspot provides you with an instantaneous and easy visualisation of the models accessible to all levels. You’ll overcome all obstacles and get things done the way you want.

Illustration with building and metrics of quality

Reach outstanding model quality

The lack of coordination and communication usually results in spending time repeating the same tasks. And you must get over it!

With bimspot, you reach outstanding model quality via model checks and clash detection. Moreover, depending on your chosen plan you can, for example, access advanced checks based on custom rulesets. Are you ready for the change?

Learn more about Model Checks

Start automating your model checks

If you’re a BIM Planner, you can schedule a call with us
to start using the potential of your building information.

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