How BIM Software Developer
benefits from bimspot

As BIM Software Developer, you want to offer users value
via new features by saving time and resources.
For components out of your core business,
integrate features of bimspot via API.

API cloud with main features that integrate the customer solution represented by a screen device showing the benefits for a bim software developer


Easy API integration

bimspot as a Service allows you to add features lying outside of your core business
to your service while keeping maintenance costs at a minimum.


Add value to your solution

Instead of developing a feature from scratch,
rely on a stable software that can be easily integrated
to your product via a simple API integration.

Icons for API, cost reduction and dedicated support

1. Integrate new features
with ease

New functionalities can be incorporated with little effort to provide an added value for your solution and final users.

2. Maintain integration and maintenance costs to a minimum

An API integration equals to lower architectural complexity and reduction in the costs for hosting, operations, or services.

3. Rely on open standards and dedicated support

bimspot is a trusted software with a dedicated support system for any questions concerning the documentation or integration.

Available features for
API integration

✓   Conversion Pipeline

✓   Model Management

✓   Model Quality Check

✓   Automated Pre Checks

✓   Model Viewer

✓   Quantity Takeoff

✓   IFC Assembler

✓   Collision Check

✓   Reporting

✓   Smart Model Handling

✓   Info Management

✓   Model Filtering

✓   Version Management

✓   Dashboard

✓   Info Fulfilment

logo Drees and Sommer

“Our aim was to easily integrate Model Quality Checks to our existing workflows and provide immediate value for our customers. We were concerned that this would take a lot of time and resources, but we were happy to be proven wrong!”

Portrait image of Georg Stadlhofer
Georg Stadlhofer
Managing Director
Explanation of the 3 steps of Drees & Sommer use case when using bimspot

Drees & Sommer use case

Here the client wanted to improve the IFC model quality to provide a better solution for their clients.

We found a solution with 3 easy steps:

  • Upload of IFC file

The models can be easily uploaded via a drag&drop on a dedicated landing page.

  • Automated checks and reports

After the upload, we check whether the requirements are fulfilled. If the check fails, a BCF report is sent to the model author.

  • Handover to client’s solution

If the check is successful, the file is sent to the client solution for further use.

Do you want to learn more about it?

Contact us to arrange a call and go through all the open questions.

Request more info

Frequently Asked Questions

We cannot provide you with a fixed timeline, but we can for sure tell you that:

  • We need to assign API keys and create a landing page where you can drop the IFC files so that we can process the information;
  • We need to schedule a training session to help you get started.

However, you still have to set up your project on bimspot, organise your models in our Model Management, create and maintain KPIs, Information Requirements etc.

There is not a direct answer to this question.

The cost for this service depends basically on two factors:

  • monthly frequency of usage;
  • the complexity of your models.

If you’d like to get a rough estimation, contact us.

We’re responsible for the maintenance of our services and provide an SLA (Service Level Agreement).

On the other hand, for any custom implementation, we’re at your disposal for technical support.

Our solution is based on IFC models, and we create BCF files for your BIM issues management tool.

Your platform doesn’t need to meet any other technical requirements.

Implementing our solution will add faster value to your users while focusing on your core business.

Moreover, we provide deep domain knowledge and experience with BIM-related technologies and topics.

This is a synergy of efforts.

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