How to do
BIM Model Quality Checks

bimspot offers 3 types of model checks:

  • the Quality Checks which ensure a general model quality;
  • the Clash Detection;
  • the custom Model Checks for more complex projects when it is necessary to use check rules tailored to the project by uploading custom ruleset.

BIM Model Quality Checks

Custom Model Checks

1. Upload Ruleset

To upload a custom ruleset, go to the ruleset manager and click on upload custom ruleset in the top right corner and select the desired file from your explorer.

2. Manage Ruleset (cset)

Personal rule sets can be uploaded to bimspot in the file format .cset and managed via the ruleset manager. Once you are in the Custom Check menu, click on the three dots next to select ruleset and choose ‘Manage Rulesets’ to go there.

3. Run a check

Custom Model Checks give you the freedom to decide at each check which models and rulesets to use. You can choose more than one at a time.

4. Select Building Parts/Select Ruleset

As soon as you have chosen Custom Model Check, you can select your desired rule sets under ‘Select ruleset’. To select the models you want, click on the ‘Select building’s part’s drop-down menu and select all your desired models.

Note: Multiple artefacts can be selected for both selections.

Model Checks

In the bimspot Model Check, models of a discipline can be checked for basic qualities like internal collisions, the use of floors etc.

Note: Multiple Models from one discipline can be selected.

Clash Detection

In the bimspot Clash Detection, models of two different disciplines are checked for collisions against each other.

Note: Multiple Models for each discipline can be selected.

Reports of BIM Model Quality Checks

bimspot generates a comprehensive report within a few minutes after the start of a model check. This report is currently provided as .bcfzip for further use in an authoring software as well as a clearly arranged Excel report.
Your reports can be downloaded in the main menu of the Model Checker.


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