How to use
IFC Model Checker

To increase the quality of your IFC files, you can choose among 3 types of model checks:

  1. the Quality Check ensures a general model quality;
  2. the Clash Detection for geometrical clashes between models;
  3. the Custom Checks for more complex projects when it is necessary to use check rules tailored to the project by uploading custom ruleset.

What can you do with our IFC Model Checker?

Gain time by automating model checks thanks to our IFC Model Checker.

On bimspot, you can choose among:

1. Quality Checks

In the bimspot Quality Check, models of a discipline can be checked for basic qualities like internal collisions, the use of floors etc.

To run a quality check follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Choose Quality Check from the Model Check homepage;
  2. Select discipline and building part(s);
  3. Click on Submit.

Note: You can select multiple building parts from one discipline.

Screenshot of IFC model checker on bimspot

About the ruleset used in Quality Check

If you want to know more about the rulesets we used for the quality checks, you can download a pdf file for each discipline just below:

2. Clash Detection

In the bimspot Clash Detection, models of two different disciplines are checked for collisions against each other.

To run a Clash Detection follow these 4 easy steps:

  1. Choose Clash Detection from the Model Check homepage;
  2. Select discipline and building part(s) for the first model;
  3. Select discipline and building part(s) for the second model;
  4. Click on Submit.

Note: Multiple Models for each discipline can be selected.


Clash detection

3. Custom Checks

You can upload your own rulesets for running custom checks of your models. Once the ruleset have been uploaded on bimspot they will be available to the entire project team.

The basis for this are rulesets created and saved in Solibri.

Admin rights are required for the administration of these rulesets. The custom checks is then possible for every user.

Uploading and managing ruleset (only Admin)

Ruleset must be uploaded on bimspot via a .cset file by using the Ruleset manager.

To upload a ruleset:

  1. If no ruleset has been uploaded yet, click on Upload Custom Ruleset;
Upload of first ruleset on bimspot

2. To upload new rulesets or to manage existing ones, click on the three dots and choose Manage Ruleset.


How to run Custom Checks

Once the Admin has uploaded the ruleset(s), all users invited to the project can use those to easily run a Custom Check in 4 steps:

  1. Choose Custom Check from the Model Check homepage;
  2. Select the wished ruleset;
  3. Select building part(s);
  4. Click on Submit.

Note: For both dropdown menus multiple building parts for each discipline can be selected.

How to run Custom Checks on bimspot

Reports of BIM Model Quality Checks

bimspot generates a comprehensive report within a few minutes after the start of a model check, and it can be downloaded on the Model Checks homepage.

This report is currently provided as .bcfzip and it includes the following files:

  • .bcfzip: with the found issues for further use in the authoring tools;
  • .xls: an excel file with an overview of the issues found in the IFC models;
  • .pdf: with an explanation of the rulesets used for the Quality Check and Clash Detection;
  • model.smc: for further use in Solibri.


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