Manage BIM KPIs
(Key Performance Indicators)

bimspot KPIs allow you to calculate and manage KPIs from a previously defined filter. For this calculation, it is necessary to select a common property from the filter, enter a target and name the KPI. bimspot calculates the value based on your model data and compares it to your target.

Manage BIM KPIs: create a new one

bimspot offers three ways to create a new KPI:

  1. Create a new KPI from the KPI dashboard
    Click on “add KPI” directly on the KPI Dashboard.
  2. Create a new KPI based on a saved filter
    Open the saved filter list, click on the three dots and select “add to KPI”.
    See also
     Filter building information
  3. Create a new KPI based on an unsaved filter
    Open the filter panel, set up your desired filter, click on the three dots on the top right corner and select “add to KPI”. The filter will be saved and you will be forwarded to a page where you can finish your setup.
    See also Filter building information 

Setup a BIM KPI

All KPIs are set up using a predefined set of building blocks. You must define the following building blocks:

Give your KPI scope

Click on “saved filter” and select one of your filters. This is necessary to narrow down the range of interest and get a precise result. The filter gives scope to the KPI calculation so that only elements which are included in your filter are used for further calculation.

See also Filter building information 

Select your calculation operator

By default, all selected values are summed up. bimspot thus sums up all property values from the property selection. By clicking on “sum“, the calculation can be set to average. This setting allows the average of all values to be calculated.

Select a calculation property

Each KPI is calculated from a single parameter value. Click on “this group” to select the desired calculation parameter. Your scope is then scanned for this information and the corresponding values are used to calculate your results.

Note: Only numeric properties/quantities that are contained in all elements of the filter can be selected.

Set your goal

Each KPI requires a target value. Click on “goal value” and type your target value. The target is compared to the calculated value to determine if the target has been reached.

Set your goal range

If your target allows a deviation range, click on “0” and type what percentage is acceptable for your KPI.

Name your KPI

You simply find your KPI in the dashboard and name it. Click on “KPI’s name” and type in your desired name. It is then displayed in the dashboard.

Manage BIM KPIs: monitoring

Colour indicator

blue: value calculated on the last model version is in the goal range.

grey: value calculated on the last model version is not in the goal range.

Set and manage KPIs on our dashboard

Show in viewer

To check your KPI in the viewer, click on “Show in Viewer“. You will be forwarded directly to the viewer and the filter underlying the KPI will be applied to the model.

Resources for manage KPIs

You can learn more about Data Filtering and KPIs by watching a video we posted on our Youtube channel.

Watch the video

For additional help, visit our Help Center or our FAQs. For customer support, you can always reach out at