IFC Online Checker
Improve your model quality

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Find clashes

Combine models from different disciplines and run checks against BIM requirements.

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Automate model checks

Ensure model quality with rule-based model checks and improve your BIM workflow.

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Improve project coordination

All team members get access to the same validated data throughout the project.

Choose a model check:

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What do you get?

We provide you several report to use in your environment:

  • BFC and Excel report
  • SMC model to use in Solibri
  • Detailed ruleset description

What do we check?

We check whether your model fulfils basic BIM requirements:

  • Does the model contain at least one building and building storey?
  • Are elements related to building stories?
  • Does the model contain basic information?
  • Are there clashes within your model?
  • Are there a unique element GUIDs?


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