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View your BIM model from all angles to get a fast and in-depth understanding of your building.
By providing the display of the properties of each element, our free powerful IFC Viewer makes planning more intuitive.

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Easy to use

Powerful free IFC online viewer to put your model in the spotlight.

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Secure environment

Your data is safe with us and we are GDPR compliant.

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buildingSMART Certified

We are certified by buildingSMART international.

Data Filtering

Why use our IFC Viewer?

Share your BIM models online through a web browser, without needing to install any application to view your work.

Directly send the link to your BIM model to your team or simply invite them to your project.

You and your team members will access the same BIM information on the same software.

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What can you do with bimspot?

Get the best out of your BIM model with:

  • KPI Dashboard to keep track of your goals.
  • Information Requirements and Information Fulfilment for an accurate BIM project overview.
  • Data Filtering to dive deep into your BIM data and get the answers that you are looking for.

Focus on analysing your building information and visualising the associated data by using a transparent and collaborative tool for centralising all BIM model-related information.


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