Filter building information

bimspot’s Information Exploring allows you to filter all defined entities, properties and their individual values from the IFC4 schema. To explore all the information as comfortably as possible, bimspot differentiates between the building information finder and the filter scope. In the building information finder, you can search for entities, properties and quantities. The filter scope allows you to restrict the filter in terms of building, discipline, floors or systems.

Filter set-up of building information

To create a filter, click on the building information finder bar and type in your desired information. From the suggestions that appear, click on your choice and the filter will be created automatically.

Look up the available properties, quantities and entities

To get an overview of the available properties, quantities and entities, simply enter the name of the desired entity in the finder, and a selection of available information will be displayed.

Extend a filter (or relation)

To extend the filter, use the building information finder at the top of the panel and search for any entities, properties or quantities and select one.

Refine a filter (and relation)

To narrow down a filter further, you can click on “+ refine filter” and add another filter using the building information finder that appears.

Set a value for properties and quantities of building information

In the case of properties and quantities, the associated values are of particular relevance. If a filter contains a property or a quantity, these are mostly set directly with a default value on bimspot, as is the case with values of the “boolean” type. In all other cases, a further input line opens where the value can be defined.

In addition to the value, an operator has to be set, for which bimspot supports the following options:

= is equal to;

! is not equal to;

> is greater than;

< is less than;

– is between.

Give your a filter a certain scope

Give your filter a further scope by selecting one or multiple buildings, disciplines, a floor or a range of floors and the systems you want to look for.

How bimspot treats floors

When modelling, stakeholders may use different floors or storeys to structure their models. The naming of these floors may be different across disciplines, making it difficult to identify the elements on a certain floor of the building.

That’s why, at bimspot, we worked some magic to structure the building model more conveniently.

This is how it works:

In order to detect the same floors across models, we compare the name as well as the elevation of the storeys. By using certain thresholds, we either merge storeys to a single one or display them separately.

Clear a filter

If it is necessary to clear the filter, just click on the three dots on the top right corner and clear your filter. All your configurations will be removed, and you can start your set-up from scratch.

Set up a new filter with a template

To create a new filter based on any saved filter, select the desired filter from the saved filter list, change it, click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select “Save filter as“.

Manage filters

Saved filter sets are automatically shared within your project team. Only the author of the filter set has the permission to adjust or remove it from the list.

Save a filter

To save a filter for later use, simply click on the three dots in the upper right corner and save it with a unique name.

Note: Saved filters are automatically shared within your project team and only the author of the filter has the permission to adjust or even remove it from the list.

Load a filter

To load a saved filter, click on the small arrow in the upper left corner. Select the desired filter by clicking on it, and it will be loaded automatically.

Duplicate a filter

To copy a filter, go to the saved filter list, click on the three dots next to the desired filter and duplicate it.

Adjust a value

To change a value or its operator in a filter, click on the three dots to the right of the filter name and select “Adjust filter“.

Remove a filter

To delete a filter, click on the three dots to the right of the filter name and select “Remove filter“.


You can learn more about filtering of building information by watching a video we posted on our Youtube channel.

Watch the video

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