How BIM Project Managers
benefit from bimspot

As BIM Project Manager you will use bimspot to obtain a holistic understanding of your project. You can easily keep track of the main KPIs of your project and access the latest building information. Better decisions based on accurate data will ensure constant progress of the project towards your defined goals.


Align with your team.
Reach your goals easily.

Time is one of the most critical factors in project execution!

Poor communication, poor document quality, and delays in
the exchange of data lead to headaches that can be easily avoided.

Through bimspot, you can set qualitative project standards to ensure that
all relevant building information
is constantly up-to-date and accessible to everyone.



Discover a new way
to be on top of your project

Keep your team on the same page and focused on the project’s success,
with our automated quality management system.

Illustration of all data in one single tool

Get all the building information you need

Stop wasting time waiting for updates!

You can now easily access all the information you need on bimspot and get notified about new changes. This will allow you to always have an updated overview of your project.

Illustration with building and metrics of quality

Reach outstanding model quality

Instead of being stressed over a long list of manual tasks, bimspot’s automated processes make improving model quality much easier.

Get notified about where your attention is needed and decide who to delegate within your team. When changes happen, you will be notified again.

Learn more about Model Checks

Make data-driven decisions

Say goodbye to weak estimation and decisions made
with uncertainty.

bimspot provides you with the necessary building information to focus on the topics that require action to support your project’s success.

Manage your KPIs

Start keeping track of your goals

To start using the potential of your building information,
schedule a call with our team to get an overview of our tool.

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