6 reasons why you should be using bimspot

Most BIM software requires a high level of technical understanding. One of the key motivations behind using bimspot is to make BIM more accessible by reducing the knowledge barrier.

Reasons of using bimspot

In 2019, 55% of US construction companies were using Building Information Modelling (BIM) according to the Annual ConTech Report. BIM is mandated for different sectors in more and more countries, becoming more of a requirement and less of a choice.

Another article, released in 2018, discusses the numerous barriers to BIM implementation, with the significant learning curve and employee training costs named as some of the more general problems. In the UK, the second and third most commonly stated barriers are related to the knowledge gap. Statista confirms that the lack of expertise within organisations and the lack of training are indeed holding BIM usage back according to their data from 2019.

Below, we summarise the top 6 reasons to use bimspot.

1. Exchange your BIM data easily by using bimspot

Traditionally, the exchange of data in the building industry is file-based. There are multiple solutions used, such as email, document management systems (DMS), or even paper-based methods. This often results in an opaque process and loss of information due to the high frequency of data handovers.

Architects are highly dependent on reliable information from specialised engineers. Having the latest planning data available is a key factor for architects’ success. With traditional DMS systems, planners do receive the latest official documents but these never actually reflect the most up-to-date planning status due to the constant changes, and lack of transparency in the process. This drives the undocumented and often chaotic practice of exchanging files over e-mail.

Plans, sketches and other documents cannot really be evaluated in the entire context of the planning stage as only fragments of information are readily available at any given time. This exceedingly complicates the evaluation of the data at hand.

Using bimspot offers a new and unique way to solve this issue. It subsumes all the stakeholders in a project to four generic roles that are assignable in all project phases. All planning data is synchronised to the digital project in the platform by using IFC models. The IFC models are placed in the overall context of the building and are automatically made available to all stakeholders involved.

This method solves the problem of not having access to the latest data. The latest model versions are always visible on bimspot and can be evaluated and used in the entire building context. The single point of truth method reduces the pressure on the supplier and at the same time eliminates waiting times for the recipient. bimspot thus enables a frictionless and reliable planning process both within the architectural office and across all planners.

2. Get control over your BIM model quality

Currently, Building Information Modelling is mostly utilised for quality control through clash detection features and 3D visualisation. In our first bimspot research called Model Quality Checks, we found that a large share of the participants still does model checks manually.

The quality of the BIM models depends on information density as well as the correct construction and coordination of models.

At bimspot, we were wondering how we could design these enormously complex and elaborate processes in such a way that architects no longer have to fear model checks and can instead easily implement them into their workflow to take their work to a whole new level.

Information requests from clients, project managers, or even planning partners are immediately checked and displayed with each model upload, so architects can focus on their core business: designing perfect spaces.

Even with model coordination checks, bimspot remains true to its credo: bim made easy. Any number and variety of coordination checks (for instance, collision detection) can be set from the platform with a click of a button. The corresponding report can be viewed comfortably within a few minutes.

In our Help Center, you can learn more about Model Checks on bimspot.

Model Check on device

3. See your BIM model in 3D using bimspot

Reading external planning information requires experience and a high degree of technical understanding. In addition, the context must always be taken into account, i.e. planning may look valid at first glance, but if all the planning data for the specific point of interest is taken into account, numerous problems can come to light.

In a vast amount of cases, these issues are only noticed during the execution phase at the construction site, which causes enormous additional costs and delays. This is why it’s recommended to visualise the 3D building model in our IFC Viewer Online as it helps to discover issues beforehand.

The federated model viewer of the bimspot platform eliminates the risk of overlooking relevant information. The benefit is always having a complete view of the building using the latest plans and data.

IFC Online Viewer

4. Get exactly what you need

bimspot has developed a sophisticated system to dive deeper into specific questions in a project. Using Data Filtering, it is possible to highlight the necessary information on any level. This way, planners can get exactly what they need from the model without losing the overall context and visualise the information in a way that fits their use case best. You have the choice of an impressive 3D model view or a rational KPI chart.

Data Filtering

5. Simplified communication with the client

Communication with the client is always an extremely important and sensitive topic. The best way to convince them of the value of your work is to let the results speak for themselves.

With bimspot, as Project Manager you can give your client an overview of the progress with KPIs. These are provided automatically using the most up to date version of your model and can be freely defined.

KPI Dashboard on device

This way, anyone can let their clients experience their future real estate in a virtual twin building. Understanding plans and lists relies heavily on subjective imagination. With bimspot, you can avoid the risk of your plans being misunderstood and communicate your amazing models the way you meant them to be.

6. Be software independent

We thought the best way to bring all project partners on board is software independence. This means that with bimspot there are no software-compatibility related barriers preventing you from maximising the potential of BIM in your projects.

Get started with bimspot!

Now you have some very good reasons to start using bimspot. If you need to get more details about how to set up your project, read How to get started with bimspot!


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